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Advertising -

Share your product or service with our community

Always Up-To-Date with our interactive Dashboard

Always keep an overview of your adverts success

Behalten Sie stets den Überblick

Behalten Sie stets den Überblick


See how many users have visited your advert


See how many users have been linked to your promoted website


keep track of how many users have left reviews on your advert

You can view the dashboard in your app at any time to track your adverts attraction to other users. Your money is no longer in vain, but rather meets precisely the market you want to reach.

Set your ad to be:


Do you have a local business and want to lure customers directly to you? Take advantage of the opportunity to attract users in your area with a local deal.


Do you have several store locations, or distribute your business nationally? Use a national Deal and Users will see this nationwide.

Did we get your attention?

Contact us to set up an advert!

Four different templates to suit your advert

Deals Template

Use this template to reward users for their purchase. A great use of this template would be a ‘Buy 1 get 1 free’ deal.

Discount Template

Use this template to apply discounts to your products or services. Win the interest of users and link them directly to your website with a discount code.

Information Template

Do you wish to inform users of a product or event? Have you opened a new shop and wish to inform users in your area? Use the Information Template to reach our users.

Video Template

Use this template to display your own promotional clip. You can add any video under 2 minutes with information and a link to your website.

Contact us now to set up your own deal! We look forward to working with you.

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